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Lead Laboratory

Conversion: As a business owner, your number one goal is run a profiable business. Generating quality leads is a huge part of that effort on the Internet. We believe in capturing those leads through a well thought out process.

Lead Laboratory is a carfually design program specifically built to generate leads. It is executed by some of the most talented digital marketers in the industry leveraging a variety of tactics including paid advertising, email marketing, and retargeting. Lead Laboratory follows the Inbound Marketing Methidology of Attract, Convert, Close, Retain. If you are ready to turn your brand into a lead generating machine, Lead Laboratory might be the right fit. 

Unique Landing Pages

Creating great landing pages that drive a user to take action is the foundation of Lead Laboratory. These pages not only look amazing, but also contain messaging that speaks directly to your target audience. We’ve built a robust 4-step process that will lay the foundation for your paid advertising.

Smart Paid Advertising

Many companies are still only using the AdWords Search Network to serve their paid advertising. Lead Laboratory is specifically designed to market in the networks where we can attract the most qualified users at the best price.

Downloadable Material

Providing users with educational material builds your brand’s credibility, shows expertise, and drives conversions. Offering high quality content in exchange for users’ contact information is a tactic that has proven to be extremely effective. High quality eBooks and guides can be used as value propositions in a wide range of calls to action.

Remarketing Campaigns

Using Google’s remarketing service is a great way to target to people who have already shown interest in your brand. Remarketing is a great way to offer promotions to users who have already shown interest in your product or service. The general idea is Google places a cookie on a user’s browser after he/she hits your site. We then have 30 days to serve them custom ads to drive the conversion.

Lead Nurturing

We don’t believe in half-hearted efforts. Like you, we’re interested in real results. That’s why we’ve spent years refining our methods and continue to innovate. We won’t leave you with a game plan that just looks good on paper. Instead, we’ll bring it all to life with full-scaled execution that will ensure long-term results.

Expert Solutions

Digital Flavor’s senior team is available to offer extensive campaign management, customization, and tracking. The Digital Flavor fulfillment team has extensive experience in all areas of design and inbound marketing. They will be available to offer additional consulting and customization of your project.

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