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Our Approach to Digital Marketing

Wise digital marketers follow the recommendations from Google and the other search engines. In the last several years, Google’s strongest message has been to demonstrate that your brand and website has Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Digital Flavor’s entire fulfillment model is based around building as much E-A-T as possible.

Why Digital Flavor

Strategy (We Nail It)
Most company’s inbound marketing attempts are a complete failure. Their strategy was off the mark right from the start. Successful inbound marketing starts with the right strategy because there are endless directions you can go, and things you can do. Unfortunately, most won’t work for your business. We put you on the right track, right from the start with a strategy designed to grow your business.
Execution (We Own It)
We don’t believe in half-hearted efforts. Like you, we’re interested in real results. That’s why we’ve spent years refining our methods and continue to innovate. We won’t leave you with a game plan that just looks good on paper. Instead, we’ll bring it all to life with full scaled execution that will ensure long-term results.
Costs (We Help Reduce Them)
Time is money, and your business needs results as fast as possible. Think of us as your company’s shortcut. We’ve spent years figuring out what works, putting together an established product, and building a team to deliver it at the highest level. Our products offer you a shortcut to real results (and at a cheaper upfront cost).
Experts (We Are Them)
We’ve built Digital Flavor with inbound marketing and inbound marketing alone — bootstrapped, no funding, with little outbound sales efforts. The results speak for themselves. And guess what? We want to help grow your business with the exact same methods we’ve used to build ours. We don’t talk a big game, we practice what we preach (because it works.)
Love (You'll Have It)
Our clients love working with us. That’s because we operate on a very simple, very golden principle: we do for your business what we would want done for ours. A great user experience is built into every product, every process, and every thing we’ve ever created around here. It’s easy to love a company hell-bent on giving you the best user experience possible, and it shows.
New Customers (They'll Come To You)
Get a customized inbound marketing analysis (done by humans) for free. Inbound marketing. You’re hearing the term thrown around all the time these days. And for good reason! When executed correctly, it works really, really well. But is your company executing it correctly? That’s the question. Let us take a look! Our customized inbound marketing analysis is totally free and will be completed within 2 business days by an inbound marketing professional. Get actionable inbound insights so you can start improving today.

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